About Me

The Northeastern Girl

I'm Ekta, an Assam native, the creator of this blog and an immature writer. As the name suggests, I live in Guwahati (Assam), a Northeast Indian state. As I grew up here in this beautiful city, I understood that people from other states don't know much about this part of the country. I decided to come up with something like this so that I can show my love for this region as well as share the knowledge with others. 

Lifestyle and Travel

I recently left my position as a digital marketer to assist my father in his business. However, I’ve always had dreams of seeing the world, trying various cuisines, and exploring some far-off places. I would always wonder if it will be feasible to live these dreams while managing household chores, office work, and a “normal” lifestyle?

I am aware that there are probably a lot of people (especially women) out there who are in similar circumstances, hoping to travel the world and experience different cultures. Still, they may be unsure if pursuing their dreams will require them to give up the things and people they care about the most. But I am happy to tell you this: Yes! You can manage to have both.

Why i started this blog

For my love of writing, imparting knowledge, and the dreams I’ve previously witnessed. I also want to tell tales of uncharted territory in Northeast India and other regions of the nation.


Also, the blog’s primary goal is to inspire and motivate women who enjoy traveling to step outside of their comfort zone, embrace their independence, and make lifelong memories.

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.

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